Lunes, Setyembre 16, 2013

The Beauty Of Palawan

Palawan is one of the best tourism spot here in the Philippines, i captured this photo this year month of march when me and my family travel here and have a free time for our self and to experience the true beauty of palawan.
After arriving at the airport, there is someone who will pick up for you and bring you home to your destined rooms, on the first day we just rest and have a city tour in the afternoon. the place is kinda nice all of the towns people there where very polite, and they really love on greetings new tourist that came to visit their place.
Then after we finish our city tour, we are invited to join a dinner at one of the famous restaurant there, the food was really amazing and what more i can say that its truelly delicious. all of those seafoods are fresh and a very satisfying meal that we have.
On the 2nd Day of our trip we have to go on to our itenerary which is the island hopping, well im very excited into this. to see the beautiful island and different beaches that palawan was popular into it. after we reach our destination we need to get off on the boat and hike about 1 km to the hill and go to a lake which is not connected to the sea. well im really scared to that one because they say that there are some barracuda fish that live in there well i dont see one and totally freak out when i jumped in to the water and if i saw one barracuda here i will be more surprised. i will add more of the pictures taken there with my camera.

Huwebes, Setyembre 12, 2013

Biker’s Rally for Pork Barrel in the Philippines

This is where the fun begins, many people on the famous social networking called the facebook share a protest against the government here in the Phiilippines. And they organize it spread the word to other people who will gonna show up to manila and start a protest against the pork barrel. Pork barrel is the funds on our government that came to all the filipinos whom by paying our taxes, and what the other politicians do is to stole the money of our country and use it for there self interest. After that day napoles surrender to our president ninoy aquino who is arrested for using the money of our country for there self interest.

Relaxation after a long ride!

After a half tiring day of riding my bike well you will be exhausted when you drove to mountains just to see some undiscovered cave here in Dona Remedios trinidad. And can be found in Bulacan. I think it took us about 70km all in all. And im very hungry that day because I woke up very early so we can feel the morning breeze, see the dawn. And it much cool to ride your bike on that kind of time.
When we reach our destination, I felt that something  bigger is waiting for us inside the cave, but the hard part is you have to crossed the river in order for you to get to the cave. then I said to my self, Omg?! How can I cross that if there's no bridge. The townsmen there says that you need to hold on the rope so you wont be carried by the river’s current. Well if that’s what it takes. Then do it. So seeing the river makes my body feels good and comfortable so im very relaxed that time.

Biking all the way to the Hellipad

Do you ever travel with your friends? family? well here at my travel experience in the Philippines at hilltop going to the hellipad. Well me and my friends gather up to plan a ride on going to the top of the mountain. Yes, we do love riding on our bikes im gonna show you some of our photo taken there and you can see the beauties of our nature here in the Philippines, so what i can say is "It's more fun here in the Philippines". When we ride up our bike its not easy going there, its super easy getting down. the slope of the mountain is too high you have to give your best so that your bike can move across the hill make a faster pedal. it will be a great run when you drove back there with the fastest speed you got, feel the winds that goes to your skin, it was really great and fun. all of my sweat come to me, thats is an extremely It's a long ride i estimated it for 80 km and we took it for 4 hours going to the top of the dam and see the helipad, people there were very generous, they welcome us. give us food. and give us a tour on the site. It's an amazing experience that i have there, memories that can't be easily erased. so to all the bikers in the world , make this as an inspiration never give up. just keep trying and trying.